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Orthodontic consultation, quotation (credited after the first treatment)Visit10.000.-
X-ray small picturepiece2000.-
Panoramic X-ray (digital)piece4000.-

Aesthetic dentistry, tooth whitening

Tooth whintening in office29.900.-
Internal tooth whiteningpieceFirst treatment 8.000,- further treatment 2.000,-
Tooth jewellery (3 months guarantee)piece10.000.-
Direct shell (Gradia filling material)piece25.000.-
Direct shell (Estelite filling material)piece28.000.-
Home use teeth whitening kitpiece35.000.-

Restorative dentistry

Milk tooth filling (aesthetic)Piece5.000.-
Aesthetic filling with Gradia one surfaceone surface12.000.-
Aesthetic filling with Gradia two surfacestwo surfaces14.000.-
Aesthetic filling with Gradia three surfacesthree surfaces16.000.-
Aesthetic filling with Estelite (Prémium) one surfaceone surface16.000.-
Aesthetic filling with Estelite (Prémium) two surfaces two surfaces18.000.-
Aesthetic filling with Estelite (Prémium) three surfaces three surfaces20.000.-
Temporary fillingpiece2.000.-
Sealing pits and fissurespiece6.000.-
Gradia inlay/onlaypiece40.000.-
Gold inlay/onlaypiece40.000 + gold
Pulp cappingpiece2.000.-
Cement fillingpiece5.000.-
Abutment building (from cement) -5.000.-
Abutment building (from Gradia)-11.000.-
Easy Glaze (covering layer)-1.000.-
Making extended fillings - EveryXPosteriorpiece7.000.-

Endodontics (Root canal treatment)

Root canal treatment (trepanation+ temporary filling with medication)
In one canal teeth (one X-ray picture included)10.000.-
In two canal teeth (one X-ray picture included)12.000.-
In three canal teeth (one X-ray picture included)14.000.-
Temporary filling, with medication,second treatmentingyenes
Temporary filling, with medication third and further treatments2.000.-
Root canal filling in one canal teeth8.000.-
Root canal filling in teeth with two or more canals (per canal)5.000.-
Checking X-ray2.000.-
Milk tooth trepanation6.000.-
Root canal irrigation, when the treatment is not continued in the clinic6.000.-
Root canal filling removal6.000.-
Root canal filling removal (from two or more canals)4.000.-
Root canal irrigation, when the treatment is not continued in our clinic6.000.-
Instrumental (RECIPROK) root canal preparation, in addition to the cost of an ordinary manual root canal treatment10.000.-


Treatments of gingival and oral mucosa diseases3.500.-
Treatment of abscesses/incision with cautery5.000.-
Tartar removal, polishing, oral hygienic consultation6.000.-
Tartar removal, polishing, sand blasting (Airflow)8.000.-
Sand blasting (Airflow)7.000.-

Oral surgery

Consultation (credited from the first treatment)5.000.-
Milk tooth removalpiece3.000 - 6.000.-
Front (1,2,3) teeth removalpiece6.000 - 8.000.-
Premolar(4,5) teeth removalpiece8.000 - 10.000.-
Molar (6,7,8) teeth removalpiece10.000 - 12.000.-
Sculption15.000 - 20.000.-
Surgical removal of wisdom teeth25.000 – 35.000.-
Dental apex resection15.000 – 25.000.-
Maxillary sinus closure20.000.-
Oral mucosa plastics20.000
Treatment of alveolitis7.000.-


ZIRCONIA crowncrown66.000 - 69.000.-
Porcelain shellshell45.000.-
Ceramics crown fused to metalcrown35.000.-
Ceramics crown fused to metal, two pieces63.000.-
Ceramics crown fused to metal 30.000.- / piece
Golden crown covered by ceramicscrown25.000 + gold
Mouthguarsd splint21.000.-
Tooth whitening splint25.000.-
Glass fiber post9.000.-
Glass fiber post with cement abutment building14.000.-
Glass fiber post with Gradia abutment building20.000
Crown and bridge removal per anchor2.000.-
Cast post-abutment18.000.-
Denture correction, rebasing10.500 – 27.500.-
Porcelain correction12.000.-
Complete denture70.000 – 120.000.-
Partial denture65.000 – 100.000.-
Temporary crown, made directly in the office (one piece)5.000.-
Temporary crown, made directly in the office (2-4 pieces)10.000.-
Temporary crown, made directly in the office (5-8 pieces)15.000.-
Temporary crown, made directly in the office (9 and more pieces)20.000.-
Temporary crown, made by dental technician crown9.000 - 13.500.-
Ceramics crown made in three days, additional costcrown5.000.-
Re-fixing of crowns and bridges made by another clinic3.000.-
Post-crown refixing5.000.-
Consultation (study cast, treatment planning)5.000.-


SIC Ace/Max implant (premium)1 piece150.000.-
SIC Ace/Max implant (premium) two or more pieces130.000.-/piece
Bonded angulated crown-85.000
Bonded straight headed crown -75.000.-
Srew-retained crown- 95.000.-


Consultation (study cast, treatment planning)5.000.-
Panoramic X-ray picture4.000.-
Fixed instrument per jaw (metal)140.000.-
Fixed instrument per jaw (aesthetic):180.000.-
Fixed instrument per jaw (self-ligating metal)190.000.-
Fixed instrument per jaw (self-ligating aesthetic)220.000.-
Activating (fixed instrument):5.000 - 10.000.-
Accesories to fixed instruments (Hyrax, transpalatinal arch, goshgarian, lingual arch):25.000 - 45.000.-
Removal of fixed instruments per jaw:10.000.-
Retention plate per jaw:20.000 - 25.000.-
Fixed retainer per jaw10.000.-
Removable plates (depending on type):30.000 - 60.000.-
Activating a removable insrument:10.000.-
Trainer30.000 - 40.000.-
If a fixed appointment is missed, but not cancelled previously, 5000 presence fee is charged
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