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Dental clinic office

  • J+J Dent
    Budapest, 1052
    Haris köz 5.
    1 floor (16-os Doorbell)

  • 0620-477-2124


Emergency Dental clinic, only one minute from Ferenciek Tere! Open 0-24 every day, even on the weekend!

We welcome our new patients with reasonable prices, in friendly, comfortable atmosphere!
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Our nonstop emergency dental clinic and dental office is in Haris Köz, one minute from Ferenciek Tere in Budapest.Address: J+J Dent 1052, 1st floor (Doorbell 16) Haris Köz 5, Budapest. Phone: 0620-477-2124. Friendly, comfortable atmosphere, reasonable prices day and night! You can call us any time, even at night, every day of the week, on Saturday, Sunday and holidays as well!
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